Dollar Tree find

A quick post.  I went to the Dollar Tree last week to see what they had for containers, but didn't find what I was looking for.  I did however, notice a small section (at the end of an aisle) of Betty Crocker stuff.  I spotted this small grater and thought it might work for shredding soap! 

The grater might look large in the picture, but it's small.  The total length of it (the red plastic) is 7 inches long and it's 3.25 inches wide.

I didn't get to use it yet because I had already grated the rest of my laundry bars.  What I did though, was test it by rubbing my stain stick on it a few times.  The grater holes are small, and the shreds turned out really fine and small...and they "fall" into the bottom compartment, so it's nice that they're contained. 

I just put a regular bar of soap in the bottom compartment to show the size.  The next time I make laundry soap bars, I'll see how it holds up.  If it doesn't work quite as well, then no biggie...it was only $1.00!  :)


  1. Great find, Kalla! It's always so satisfying to find a treasure at the dollar store! I've scored some cool silicone ice cube trays there on the cheap, as well as containers and kitchen gadgets that I can use for soaping.

    1. I love it when I find a good deal..I'll be on the lookout for silicone molds next time I go there! :)

  2. Great score Kalla...clever idea! Keep us posted how it works out!

  3. Hello Kalla, hope everything is ok with you. Look forward to reading you again.



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