swagbucks and soap supplies

A little over a year ago, I signed up for Swagbucks to earn gift cards.  It takes me a long time to build them up (I go at a snail's pace), but it's very rewarding when you finally reach your goal!  My first purchase (I redeemed my Swagbucks for Paypal cash) was a reactive bowling ball...I have a "regular" bowling ball, but after ten years of throwing a straight ball, it was time to learn how to throw a hook! The Swagbucks didn't cover the entire cost of the ball, but it sure helped out.

So after the bowling ball purchase, I started over again accumulating SB.  I thought this time I would apply it toward soap supplies, because it would sure help out with the shipping cost.  I was out of lye, so this is what I applied the Swagbucks to...and I redeemed them for $25 Paypal cash again.  I ordered the lye from Essential Depot...and at the time, it was on sale for $1.99/2 lb. 

4 x $1.99= $ 7.96 (for 8lbs.)
               + $19.71 shipping
                  $27.67 total
               - $25.00 Swagbucks/Paypal gift card
                  $ 2.67 out of pocket

I got 8 lbs. of lye for $2.67...that's .67 per bottle!  Shipping is always higher than my order too, whenever I order from ED, so it's nice to apply Swagbucks toward the shipping cost....doesn't "hurt" so much!  Do you participate in Swagbucks?  What have you used them for?

By the way, I am not being compensated by anyone for writing this post.  I just wanted to share my savings experience!  There is a referral button though, at the top right of my blog...if you're thinking of trying it out,  I'd appreciate it! :)    


  1. Interesting Kalla, I've never heard of Swagbucks! That's great you can collect and redeem them toward your online purchases, it definitely helps out!

    1. I heard about them before..before I signed up....just never looked further into it, or how it worked. I just did a quick search and it looks like they've been around for about five years...and available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland! I'm already thinking of what to apply them to next...maybe some tools. :)

  2. I've never heard of similar stuff either, but it's really great to have this 'bank' with cash on request! I'm surprised to see how much you pay for shipping inside the States,though!

    1. It must be the way I perceive things...I cringe when I see shipping being so much more than the order, but the order is heavy and they have to charge what they charge. I'm glad to have found a way to cover the shipping using Swagbucks! I only wish I could accumulate them faster, lol.

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