my "new" 1lb. silicone slab mold

I wanted to try my fragrance samples from Rustic Escentuals, but didn't have a mold small enough to make a one-pound batch in.  I have a few single-cavity silicone molds, but didn't want to use them....I prefer a loaf or slab mold instead.

I was looking through the soap cabinet trying to think of ideas, when I noticed my Crafter's Choice silicone loaf mold on the bottom shelf...which was being used as a storage container for some fragrance oils.  I thought I'd convert it into a slab mold and see how the bars turn out.   After some calculations, I settled on 14 ounces of oils with a 33% lye concentration...and because it was such a small batch, I measured everything in grams. 

loaf mold

a bar in the mold to show the depth

The two black dots on the mold in the upper left corner are where I marked the bars to be 1.75" or 2" wide.  I went with 1.75" wide, and got 4 bars out of the batch ..and a little leftover piece.

leftover pieces

Because I hand cut the bars, they did not all weigh the same...they ranged anywhere from 3.8 oz.- 4.2 oz. I really tried to cut each bar at 1.75" wide, but a few were a little bigger.  The results are long, narrow and chunky bars (just a smidge over an inch thick).  Here are a couple pics of the bars, after I cleaned them up:

Sea Salt Yuzu

Amazon Mist

I don't know why I didn't think of this before (using my loaf mold as a slab mold)....it's definitely saved me time and money by not having to make or buy one!


As promised, here are the failed three batches from last time.  I won't go into detail...seizing, ricing, lye pockets.....they all went into the garbage!

seized...cut bars had some lye pockets

crumbly rebatch...ick!

acceleration again, but not as bad as the first batch..
..thought these were fine, but after a week they zapped


  1. Love the look of your bars! I'm excited to try out my beveler from SMR when my bars are hard enough to get them through it without any undue stress! :)

    1. Thanks! I really like my beveler...I'm sure you will too! :)

  2. Wow, the Sea Salt Yuzu has a gorgeous color!
    I am always impressed by the delicate look of your soaps, Kalla!

    1. Thanks Natalia! The Sea Salt Yuzu discolors to a slight yellow, and I also added some white kaolin clay.

  3. Beautiful soaps, Kalla! The beveling looks so nice. And I'm glad that you found a new use for your mold. Bummer about the failed batches, though. I've been there and it's not fun. I hope the soap gremlins move on soon!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm glad I was able to "reconfigure" my mold too! The soap gremlins managed to stay away last week...although one was an unscented batch, lol.



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