DIY: mini clipboard magnet

This is probably my most popular post ever (on my other blog)...a tutorial on making a mini clipboard magnet.  I did this post back in October 2009 and am still surprised by the visits I get on it!  However, it was the only post I kept on that blog and the time has come to close it down.  I once was an avid scrapbooker/papercrafter (you can see my creations here), but things changed when I got into soapmaking.  Can anyone relate?

The good news is that I'm putting the tutorial here because I still think it's a fun and easy craft to make...and it looks cute on the fridge!  I actually made one yesterday because I wanted to do an update.  When I did this tutorial in 2009, I did not have a corner rounder that specifically cut through chipboard.  The ones I had were meant for paper and were not strong enough to cut chipboard. 

After that tutorial (not sure how long after), I got a "Corner Chomper" which cuts through chipboard like a breeze!  It cuts two sizes of rounded corners...1/4" or 1/2".  I used the 1/4" size...which makes the clipboard look more realistic now (rounded corners as opposed to square).  I also made the clipboard smaller (2 1/4"wide by 3"long) because the only clamp I could find was much smaller, so I needed to scale it down to make it look right.

Here are the updated pictures:

 corner chomper tool

with rounded corners


what you'll need:
chipboard- cut to size 2 1/2" x 3 3/4"
pattern paper
hinge clip- I bought from an office supply store...it's 2" wide.
acrylic paint- optional, pick a color that will match the paper
embellishments- just find something simple to coordinate with your paper. I used chipboard stars because they matched perfectly with the paper.
ribbon-I used 3/8" sheer
round magnet -with foam adhesive
adhesive of your choice-I used Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue because I like how it dries smooth.
Tools- exacto/craft knife, cutting mat, scissors, corner rounder

1. Cut chipboard to size, then paint along the sides and even the back.  Let dry.  This step is optional...you don't have to paint at all. 

2. Apply adhesive to the unpainted (front) side and cover with paper. Smooth the paper out and cut around the sides with an exacto knife.  Updated to add:  Then use the corner rounder tool to round the corners.

3. Attach the office clip to the top of the covered chipboard and add an embellishment to a bottom corner, with part of it off the clipboard. I glued two chipboard stars together and then glued them to the clipboard with a zig glue pen. Mini glue dots would also work great.

4. Thread ribbon through the clip as shown in the picture and tie in a knot on the front. I used sheer ribbon because it's easier to get through the clip. Also, the ribbon helps hide the engraving on the front of the clip.

5. Turn clipboard over and attach magnet.

6. Add a photo, put on fridge, and you're done!

Notes: If you're using a mini school photo, you will have enough room to mat the photo if you want and add a name (can use small stickers, rub-ons or even hand write). You can also use a stronger magnet too, if you're concerned about the clipboard staying in place. If using the foam adhesive ones, one thing I've found is that the clipboard magnet needs to be perfectly straight on the fridge. If it tilts a little, the weight of the clip will turn it upside down. If it's straight, it will stay. It does have good holding power, though....mine have not fallen off the fridge at all.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


  1. How cute! The mini clipboard is adorable, Kalla, and I love your other papercrafts, too. You're so creative and talented. Clippy things are always handy to have on the fridge, and yours is a work of art!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Jenny!! I loved working with patterned paper...I was obsessed. I seemed to have replaced one addictive hobby with another (soapmaking)! :D

  2. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. That is super cute Kalla, and your other papercrafts are adorable! I'm so excited that you posted this, because I bought a few plain mini clipboards a couple of years ago but never did anything with them...this will be perfect, thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks, and you're welcome Cee Gee! Please please post a pic of them after you decorate them..I would love to see them!



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