I made two batches of soap (in May) but never found the time to take pics and post about them.  I don't get to make much soap in the summer because I'm too busy with my kids and their activities...which is ok with me...I have so much soap to use up anyway, it's not even funny!  I found a little time today to snap some pics:

 orange/spearmint with white chocolate

This one was very disappointing because the scent has completely faded.  I added a square of Ghirardelli white chocolate too...the soap is very creamy, it just doesn't have any scent!


Yuzu is one of my favorite scents.  The color was achieved by using pureed carrots (baby food) and I topped it off with cranberry seeds. 


  1. Both soaps look very nice, Kalla! I've never tried chocolate in soap - what a great idea! And the yuzu soap looks so pretty, and I'll bet it smells wonderful. Love the cranberry seeds on top.

  2. thank you Jenny! I seem to want to add "things" to my soap all the time, lol.

  3. They both look lovely! I especially love the yellow with the cranberry seeds!

  4. Your soaps look sooooo creamy I want to eat them:-) I love the carrot one - I'm always interested in different ways to add a natural colour. Do you add the pureed carrots at trace?

  5. thanks Alex! I usually add purees (or even yogurt) by stickblending them into the melted oils before adding the water/lye solution. I have also added carrot puree into the water (when I'm making the lye solution)...just stir real well to make sure there are no chunks, then add the lye. Both ways work well..I haven't had any problems. :)



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