lemon eucalyptus with calendula...twice

My first batch of lemon eucalyptus soap accelerated and I ended up having to glop it into the mold. The next day when I went to unmold,  the freezer paper practically fell off....the loaf was sweating big time. There were clear liquid spots on the top, on the sides, and even in the middle of the bars.  The ones in the middle were the ones I was concerned about because they could be lye pockets.  Sure enough, I tested one of them and got a big zap!

I went and made another batch, but this time soaped a little cooler.  It turned out just fine, just not identical to the first batch because I went with a swirl instead..gotta work on my swirls, ya know! :)

 first batch (zap)

second batch


  1. Both soaps are beautiful, Kalla! It's a shame that the first soap accelerated and ended up zappy. I love the swirls in the second batch, though. Lemon and eucalyptus sound nice together.

    1. thank you...yeah, it's a bummer when a batch doesn't work out! I don't mind the scent combo, it's not bad..however, I think I like my previous blends better- but will wait til after cure time and see if I like it more. :)

  2. New to your blog, and I must say I'm loving all of your soap! I love the pretty swirl you did there! It's so cute!!!



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