buttermilk blunder

The soap gremlins have been visiting...had a couple of failed batches recently, and I'm not thrilled when that happens!  I'll start with my OMH with buttermilk batch.  I've used buttermilk before with good results, but used it as half the liquid amount.  This time though, I wanted to use 100% buttermilk (frozen) and things were going great, or so it seemed:

unmolded, the loaf  looks great...looks smooth and creamy

freshly cut bars...blemish free

A couple of days later, I checked on the bars and saw this:

spots everywhere...I think it's the buttermilk

So.....bummed out, I made another batch...but not identical because I didn't want to go through this again!  This time I used yogurt (had it on hand)...stickblended it into my oils before adding the lye solution. 

I waited a week before taking pics of the new batch because I wanted to make sure no spots popped up:

no brown spots!

 OMH with yogurt and honey


  1. Really, I think both versions are beautiful! The speckles give it a natural look, almost like flecks of oatmeal or bran or something, which would be expected in an OMH batch. Is the yogurt version darker or is it just the lighting? (just curious!) I love 'em both!

    1. Thank you, Amy! Yes, the yogurt version did turn out a little darker...and the pics weren't taken in the best light either, it was raining and grey out. I love speckles in my soap, but I think I'll keep the speckled buttermilk ones for myself, lol...the yogurt ones I'll give away to family and friends. :)

  2. I also think that both batches are lovely! I wonder what caused the spots? I think you're right, probably something to do with the buttermilk. The spots look nice, though - they give the bar character. I had never thought to use yogurt in soap - another must-try to add to my list!

    1. thanks Jenny! I think it's the buttermilk too...if it was the fragrance (from my experience), I usually get orange-ish areas on top. I really thought I had everything mixed well. You'll have to try yogurt in a batch..you'll like it! :)

  3. uhmmmmmmmmmmm .... ñam ñam.... quiero comermelo !!! una delicia de jabon !!! . felicidades

    1. thank you maty! it does smell yummy!! :)



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