a week of experimenting

This week was all about experimenting.  I made three batches of soap, and all three were different from my normal recipes.  The first batch I did was Lemongrass Sage...one of my favorite fragrances.  I'm not sure how it's "supposed" to smell, because it seems to vary from company to company...I just prefer it to not be too lemon-y smelling.  What's different with this recipe is that I introduced rice bran oil, and also, I left out the castor oil.

I made the liquid part for the lye solution differently, too.  I put calendula petals into a container and poured distilled water over them.  I warmed up the petals and water in the microwave, gave a good stir, then poured through a strainer.  Once strained, I measured out my "calendula water"...is that a term?

The next day, this is what the loaf looked like unmolded....it was gray and snowing out, which is why the pic looks a little dark. 

lemongrass sage

And finally, the cut bars.  It was still gray and snowing out, but you can see the soft yellow color a little better. Can't wait for this batch to cure and compare to my usual recipes...I'm mostly curious about how the lather is going to be (since I left out the castor oil)!


  1. What a beautiful yellow color! Lemongrass Sage is a lovely scent. I sometimes skip the castor oil, too, and the lather is still very nice without it.

    1. thank you!..and that's good to hear about the lather. I've always used castor oil in my soaps...it was actually a little difficult for me to not use it, lol!



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