using steam to remove ash

When sprinkling additives on top of the soap (in this case, poppyseeds), it's very annoying to get ash!  I can't just wipe off the top because then I'd wipe the poppyseeds off.  I usually spray the tops with isopropyl alcohol too (which is supposed to help prevent ash), but I still get it.  So, after watching a couple of videos on ways to remove ash, I tried the steam method to see if it would help.


There wasn't a thick layer of ash to begin with, but the tops were chalky-looking.  I used a tea kettle to do this, by the way...just held a bar up to the hot steam, moving back and forth.  The steam melted the top, making it "gooey"...that is when I stopped because I didn't want to ruin the bars.


Did it work? Not 100%.  I can still see some ash...not as much, but it's still there.  The appearance, however, is much better...the tops of the bars have a nice sheen to them.  I'm going to try the steam method again...on bars that have a thicker layer of ash, and will see how much they improve. 

"fruit slices"

chamomile tea...with some honey

The good thing about using a tea kettle for this, is that when you're done, you can make yourself a cup of tea!


  1. I have never heard of this method. I'll have to give it a try the next time I have ash. Thanks for sharing.

    1. you're welcome, Traci! There are a couple of videos on Youtube..that's where I saw them. :)

  2. Oh, how cool - I was planning to soon do a blog post about soda ash and how to get rid of it, too! I used this trick last week on some Gingersnap bars with heavy ash on the tops. Someone at the soap forum had linked to a video about using steam to remove ash, so I gave it a go. I steamed the ash away over a pot of boiling water. It seemed to work pretty well, and I took photos along the way, too. I love your "Fruit Slices" soaps - they're gorgeous!

    1. Looking forward to your post, Jenny...maybe I'll pick up some extra pointers! I'm going to try it again because I have some bars that have a thicker layer of ash on them. Can't wait to see your Gingersnap bars!!



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