a saved batch

Bummer...this batch didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but at least I was able to save it.  I wanted to try out a new "mold"-a plastic organizer tray I found at the hardware store.  Everything was going good until I added the fragrance oil...then things started to accelerate (I soaped warmer than usual, too).  Anyway, got the soap poured and sprinkled the top with poppy seeds, checked on it about a half hour later, and it was going through gel stage..things looked good!

The next day, I took it out of the mold and noticed some darker yellow areas.  Hard to see in the photo below, but it's around the edges.  I wasn't going to rebatch...no way!

What I ended up doing was cutting off all the edges and also the top layer.  Then I checked for zap, and there was none. So here are the finished bars...just not with poppy seeds!

Each bar is over 4 ounces, which was what I was hoping for..even with all the trimming I had to do...but they varied anywhere from 4.15-4.95 ounces (I just eyeballed it when cutting).  Next time I'll put a little more effort into making more uniform bars!


  1. Bummer that the FO accelerated on you and your soap didn't turn out the way you had planned. Glad you were able to save the batch, though, and the finished bars still look very nice!

  2. Thank you Jenny! Oh, I'm so glad I was able to save it too...I'm not a fan of rebatching! I should have known better and soaped cooler..I knew it was going to move on me (happened before with this same FO)!



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