repurposing packaging-valentine gift idea

I did this tutorial back in January of 2010...posting it here:

I had these scrapbooking brads that came in heart-shaped clamshell packaging.  I knew I could make this into a cute Valentine gift!  It was very easy to do this project...and best of all, no adhesive was required to make this!

1. Here is what the packaging looks like-I took the brads out and put them into a different container.

2. Open the packaging and take out the front insert. I washed the inside too, before filling with candy.
3. Use a scrap of Valentine-themed paper and put the insert on top. Take a pencil and trace the heart, top hole, and marks for trimming to size.

4. After tracing, trim to size. Then cut out heart shape and punch a hole at the top using a hole puncher. The corners are slightly rounded, so I used a Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper with the 1/4" setting.

5. Decorate the new insert as you wish. I used alpha stickers to spell out "be mine" and two pink self-adhesive jewels for a little sparkle.

6. Put the decorated insert in..it really just "pops" right in. Fill with candy, close up the container, and tie with ribbon....ready to give to your Valentine sweetie!

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