oat milk soap

Oatmeal, milk and honey soap is a favorite (a must-have in our house), but this time I wanted to make an unscented batch using oat milk.  I didn't take any pics during the process of making oat milk, but I got pointers from these two places: Tenth Avenue Soapworks and Grub Post...check them out if you are interested in making your own oat milk!

 oat milk:

I was going to use oat milk for ALL of the liquid, but as soon as I added the lye to the oat milk, it turned into a thick gel!  I waited a little bit to see if it would turn liquid, but it didn't...so I started over with a new lye solution using water, and added the oat milk after I combined the oils with the water/lye solution.  Not sure why the gel-thing happened...but no problems at all when adding the oat milk later. 

oat milk and honey bars:

For additives, I used honey.  I normally add ground (colloidal) oatmeal, but skipped it this time because I want to see how the bar feels using the oat milk.

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  1. Too bad I didn't read the part about not using oat milk in the lye solution (I went straight to one of the oat milk making links!) until AFTER I tried replacing the water in my lye solution with oat milk. Same crazy thing happened to me. I think it cooked the oats in the milk and made lye oatmeal!!! Lol! Live and learn. My bathroom sinks and shower have now been unclogged!



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