yogurt soap

I was experimenting again...working with (dividing) two colors and using yogurt.  I love goat milk in soap, so why not try yogurt next? Can't wait to try it when it's ready, then I'll decide....but I'm hoping the yogurt will be comparable to (or even better than) goat milk soap!

I used a piece of cardboard to divide the mold...tape helped hold it in place.  I started pouring both colors at once but had to stop-the bottom of the cardboard moved, so I had to hold the cardboard in place with one hand and pour one color at a time. 

After I got all the soap in the mold, I removed the cardboard and carefully textured the top. 

Here are the cut bars.  It's an apple scent.  The yogurt discolored the uncolored part a little bit, but it's still fairly light.  I'm not sure what to call this soap yet-there's also a good amount of shea butter in there too.  Maybe.....

 ....Apple yogurt shea butter soap!


  1. I love soaping with yogurt, I did my first experiment with olive oil, rice bran oil, and coconut oil, with half water/ yogurt. Is till curing, can't wait o try it!

    1. That sounds like a nice recipe, Zikhona! I think you'll be pleased with the yogurt...it gives a creamy lather. So nice! :)



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