a batch without palm oil, lard or tallow...success!

I recently rendered some tallow and then decided to make a batch without it...go figure.  I just haven't had success making a batch without using palm oil, lard or tallow...you can read about my soft, ashy, discolored, mushy soap here.  I decided no color or fragrance this time, in case it didn't turn out...just loaded it with olive oil, butters (cocoa and shea), goat milk and honey.  This would make for a great soap during the winter!

I doubled the amount of cocoa butter in this batch...the batter was very creamy when I was stickblending it....creamier than usual.  I also added goat milk and honey, which are great for the skin...but because they're heaters, I know that the soap will go through full gel...which is what I want (last time, I got partial gel).  The next day, the loaf easily unmolded...no soft mush! I'm very happy with they way they turned out. 

cut bars- creamy!

ash- yes, there is some on top of the bars, but subtle

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