dirt soap

This is my batch of "dirt" soap-yes, it smells just like dirt...actually more like freshly dug earth after a nice rain.  Very different and odd choice for me to make a soap with this scent, but yet I like it..it's so realistic.  Going to be interesting to see what the family thinks of this one!


  1. I have an FO called Fresh Dirt that I got from Save on Scents. I tried it in MP soap the other day and I either didn't get enough in it, or it's too light of a scent. I'm sort of excited to try it in CP but I'm also worried about how the scent will perform. The one from Save on Scents is a sweet, clean smell, but of course smells like real fresh dirt.

    1. good luck with CP...hope you don't lose any of the scent! I used Dirt FO from WSP and used it at .7oz ppo....plenty strong and no problems at all soaping it.



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