carrot puree

I was experimenting with carrots to see how much color they would add to soap.  Since I used baby food, I only used a couple ounces of it in each batch, but got noticeable results.  I was happy with the warm tones the carrot puree gives, so I think I will experiment again one of these days using full carrot juice!

The first batch is goat milk and honey soap (unscented).  It turned out a light orange:

The second batch is beer soap scented with 10x Orange essential oil. It turned out a vibrant golden color:

The top is sprinkled with whole oats:


  1. I've been using fresh carrot juice in a lot of my soap recipes lately. I freeze it until its slushy and use it as 100% of my liquid. Even so, the soap comes out a light yellow, rather than carroty orange - to get a proper carrot colour, I add a little pink clay (French Argiletz) and that turns it a beautiful orange.

    1. Hmm, I thought you would get a nice orange color by using carrot juice as 100% of the liquid..and using lighter oils, no milks. I never did get to try carrot juice yet because I don't have a juicer, and it's spendy if I buy it at the store. Thanks for sharing your results and the tip about the clay, Helen! :)



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