breaking out the melt and pour

I haven't made MP soap, it seems, in ages.  I tend to make glycerine (MP) soaps when I need something to give as a gift, so yesterday I decided to make three kinds (two of each scent).  For the first one, I wanted to use a fragrance called Wake Up Rosemary and knew I wanted to make it a milky-ish soap...not all clear and not all white...just a little "cloudy".  I chopped up mostly clear base and added just a couple chunks of white base. Here's a pic to show that:

chopped base for Wake Up Rosemary

all of them poured

left to right:  
  • Acai Berries and Satin with ground baby rose buds sprinkled on top
  • Apricot Freesia
  • Wake Up Rosemary with ground calendula petals

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