using grid paper to make zig zag border edges

The following post is from my other blog...I'm reposting it here as I find it helpful.  Hopefully someone else finds it helpful too!

One of the things I like to do on my scrapbook pages is use decorative border strips...nothing real fancy, but something that adds to the page. I have a few edge/ border punches, but sometimes even those won't give me the look I want to achieve.

For example, I wanted a border with a deeper, more pronounced zig zag edge. Then I thought of some paper I had with a grid pattern on it. I got out my scissors and started experimenting. I cut (measured) one square up and cut diagonally from one side the other. This gave me a nice-looking zig zag border:

Next, I made an even deeper zig zag border by measuring three squares up and cutting diagonally:

Here is a look at both of the sides. All I need to do now is cut each side into a narrower strip and adhere to my page. It'll add character, and plus.. it's an easy, "cost-effective" technique!

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