ugly luxury soap

This has got to be the ugliest batch of soap I've made so far...the partial gel/discoloration, the texture, the ash... and so on.  This was my luxury batch, too- I used cocoa and shea butters, a first in soap for me. I also used a new silicone loaf mold, and didn't insulate it well enough because I got partial gel...grrr!

I didn't have much of a problem unmolding the soap, being it was so soft...but what I should have done when I took it out of the mold was let the loaf sit a few days longer before cutting,  but no....too impatient!  I should have stopped after cutting the first bar because it was real soft, and sticking to the cutter...which gave the bars a messy texture.

Here is a pic of the bars when they were first cut...I've never had this amount of ash before, eww!

The soap is for myself and family, but when looking at these bars, it's just unacceptable, lol!  So...I let them sit a few days longer, then cut the tops off to get rid of the unsightly ash and then used the Lil' Shaver to clean up the edges.  Now they look a little better:

Up next: I made another batch using the same exact steps...only I used goat milk.  Different results, so stay tuned!

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