lemongrass and sage

I'm trying to get a little "bolder" with fragrance oils.  I like sweet, fruity scents the best but wanted to try an earthy, herbal scent...and lemongrass seems to be popular, so I decided on Lemongrass and Sage.  I can't describe it...it just smells reeeeally good!  Reminds me of something, but can't put my finger on it...I can smell this all day!  I ordered some more scents that are not "normal" for me, so hope I have good luck as I did with this. 

This is the loaf, right before I cut it.  It looks a little pinkish but it's not...I didn't take the pic in the best light:

Cut into bars...the top layer has ground calendula petals in it, with a little sprinkled on top for garnish:

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