beer soap

I was a little hesitant at first about using beer soap.  I thought if you used it, you would smell like beer!  So, after doing some research and finding out that you won't smell like a brewery after bathing with it, I wanted to make a batch. In soap, beer gives good lather and a faint, sweet hops smell-no 'beer' smell at all, which was a relief!

I used Blue Moon beer to make this batch.  The beer has a citrus element to it...so to enhance it a bit more, I added litsea cubeba essential oil (a lemony scent)...although I didn't use the full amount of essential oil required for this recipe because I didn't want it to overpower the hops smell.  I'll see how much of the lemon scent is left after the soap is cured.  It does smell great though!

boiling the beer to remove alcohol content

finished bars

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