soaping with coconut milk

This is a batch I made using coconut milk.  I've soaped with goats milk, so why not try coconut milk...it too has moisturizing properties and adds extra lather.  I tried a bar after the standard four-week cure but didn't care for the way it felt on my skin....thought about throwing the batch out, but decided to just let it cure longer.  The longer the cure, the milder the soap gets, so I was hoping this would be the case. 

green apple soap w/ coconut milk 
(poppy seeds sprinkled on top)

Guess what...I'm glad I didn't throw the batch out!  I tried a bar after a seven-week cure and it felt great...a BIG difference!..very creamy, bubbly and softening.  It smells great too...I used Green Apple fragrance and it doesn't smell sickly sweet at all...more tart...like you're biting into a green apple!


  1. Beautiful white bar of soap! I keep forgetting about coconut milk. I always have bad luck with it, but I love it in curry!

    1. Interesting you should say that, because I usually have bad luck too! Most of my soaps where I use coconut milk, I get seizing. I didn't with this batch though. I would like to try powdered coconut milk one of these days and see if it's better than the canned kind.

      Since it's been a couple of years since I've made this batch, I looked to see if I still had the recipe and sure enough, I do! It's OO, lard, PKO and castor. :)

  2. Your soap is sooo white! I dream of making pure white soap like this.... Lot's of lard, no olive oil nor castor?



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